Terms and conditions of Travelgift.Cards

Intended use

The travel gift cards from TravelGift.cards are the perfect gift for friends, relatives, employees and family. Receivers of the gift card can book a room at any of our more than 120.000+ luxury hotels and have a fabulous stay. Please be advised the following terms and conditions apply when buying a travel gift card and when booking a hotel room.

Travel gift cards

  1. Gift cards can not be redeemed for cash or traded for other goods.
  2. The gift card can only be used to prebook a hotel room at the website https://travelgift.cards.
  3. Gift cards can be used for multiple transactions.
  4. Gift cards can not be used to buy gift cards.
  5. Gift cards can only be used by a single gift receiver.
  6. Gift cards can not be used as an anonymous debit card.
  7. The buyer of a gift must ensure the gift card code stays confidential. Any abuse of the gift card code is the responsibility of the buyer of the gift card.
  8. Travelgift.cards will not pay damages if the gift card is lost or stolen, either physically or digitally.
  9. Multiple gift cards can be used to pay for a booking, except for promotional gift cards. Only one promotional gift card can be used per booking.
  10. Travelgift.cards does not allow reselling or trading for goods of the gift card with any third party.
  11. Travelgift.cards can request additional proof of identity or proof of ownership of the payment method. If proof of identity or proof of ownership can not be established, Travelgift.cards can void the booking or the gift card.
  12. Gift cards are valid for 2 years.

Physical gift cards – non delivery

  1. If physical gift cards, for whatever reason, do not arrive on time, they will be swapped for a digital gift card.
  2. The physical gift card will be voided.
  3. The digital gift card will have a design in a similar theme as the physical gift card, the same personal message, gift card amount and message.
  4. Swapping a physical gift card for a digital gift card is free of charge.


  1. All bookings on Travelgift.cards must be paid in advance.
  2. Bookings are subject to availability at the time of booking.
  3. If the booking costs are higher than the gift card value, you will need to pay the difference via Travelgift.cards to the hotel.
  4. If the booking costs are lower than the gift card value, the remaining balance will remain on your gift card.
  5. The costs for booking a hotel includes local V.A.T. However, hotels may impose additional costs, such as city taxes or resort costs. Please contact the hotel to verify if city tax is applicable.
  6. A booking does not cover expenses for purchases other than those stated on the booking confirmation.
  7. Each hotel has specific conditions for cancellations. A hotel may charge costs when cancelling a booking. Before finalising your booking, please read the cancellation policy of the hotel.
  8. You can change a booking by cancelling it and then making a new booking. Please make sure you read the cancellation policy of the hotel before booking.
  9. Please provide the exact passport data when booking a room, for all guests. Your hotel may deny you the room if you are unable to provide the passport that was used for your pre-booking. Also please make sure the booking date is before the expiry date of the passport – your hotel may refuse your booked room if your passport is no longer valid.
  10. Travelgift.cards may require you to send additional proof of identity, such as a copy of your passport, when the room is booked.


  1. In order to use a gift card at Travelgift.cards, a user account must be made. The user must ensure all information entered in the user account is correct. Please make sure your account password is not stolen. Please make sure you log out from your account when accessing Travelgift.cards from a public computer. If any gift card codes are stolen from your account, Travelgift.cards will not accept any damages.
  2. All gift card previews and photos on the website are approximations for the actual digital or physical gift card.
  3. If the gift card is used for any other purpose than as a gift for special occasions, TravelGift.cards reserves the right to block the user from the website.
  4. If Travelgift.cards suspects the gift card is used for illegal purposes, the gift card will be blocked from use. Illegal purposes include, but are not limited to: reselling or exchange for other goods and services, money laundring, fraud or abuse.
  5. TravelGift.cards will treat your information with the utmost care and privacy. Travelgift.cards will never share your information with 3rd parties.
  6. Guests must respect the local hotel policy and behave properly.
  7. Any legal disputes will be settled according to Portuguese law.

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