travel gift cards
How it works

Gift card - digital


  • Choose image or upload your own image
  • Add personal message
  • Choose amount and currency: USD GBP EUR AUD NZD CAD
  • No extra fees

Print or email

  • Buy, download PDF and print on A4/Letter
  • Fold and put in envelope for the 'open-it' moment.
  • Or send via email / WhatsApp

Give and celebrate

Your receiver can now use the gift card to prebook 120.000+ hotels via our website.

Digital gift cards can’t be lost, don’t take up wallet space and are accessed via smartphone.

The perfect gift for birthdays, weddings & xmas. Great for friends, family and colleagues.


Gift card - physical

Physical gift cards are perfect for that ‘open-it!’ moment. 

  • Add personal message
  • Choose amount and currency: USD GBP EUR AUD NZD CAD
  • No extra fees
  • 110 gr paper, handwritten font, size 16 cm x 11 cm
  • Includes digital gift card version
  • Delivered worldwide in 5 business days

Still having doubts ?

Physical gifts

Physical gifts create stress for receivers to use them.

Gift cards are preferred by 43% of receivers, versus 35% for physical gifts.


Cash gifts are not used for luxury traveling , cash goes straight into the black hole.
85% of receivers use their gift card in the first 60 days.


How much should I give?

Is the gift for a family member or a distant friend? Is it an extra special occasion, such as a 30th birthday? It is the thought that counts, not the amount!
Our recommendations:

Friends and colleagues

Birthday: 20 – 50 EUR
xmas: 50 – 100 EUR
wedding: 100 – 200 EUR

Close relatives

3-star hotel: 75 – 125 EUR
4-star hotel: 125 – 250 EUR
5-star hotel: 250 – 500 EUR
7-star hotel / suites: up to 2500 EUR

Tip: company travel gift cards

Add your company logo as an image to our digital travel gift card. It's the perfect gift for employees and customers! If you need a large number of gift cards for your company please contact us.

Tip: give with a group of friends

Chip in with a group of friends to create a large amount for the gift card.

Where can I book a room ?

120,000+ hotels

Choose a hotel in Europe, US, Australia, Asia and many more destinations. There is always a hotel near the gift card receiver.

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150+ hotel chains

The best 3-, 4- and 5 star hotel chains, perfect for relaxing.

Before booking a room

  • Pay the room price with the gift card. If the gift card amount is lower than the booking price, pay the difference. Leftover amounts can be used for future bookings.
  • Multiple gift cards can be used per booking.
    • A gift card in any currency can be used to book any of our hotel rooms. 
    • Prebook with the gift card code at – the gift card can’t be used at the hotel reception or -website.


    • Please read the cancellation policy of the hotel carefully when you use the gift card. A refund is no longer possible close to the check-in date
    • Travel gift cards are valid for 2 years
    • The gift card can only be used for hotel bookings and not for food, beverages, spa, gym, etc.
    • Please read our terms & conditions and privacy statement. To prevent fraud, we will ask for proof of ID on large gift card amounts.

    Their experiences

    When I told my family I was going to backpack through Europe, they weren't too excited. At least that's what I thought... until my mother gave me one of these for my birthday. It's so cool to be able to book multiple hotels out of one single card. I loved it!
    Ethan Hoover
    Traveling Photographer
    One of my best friends was about to get married and of course, i had no idea what to give him on this special occasion. No gift sounded like the perfect gift after and after some talks with our group of buddies, i found out i was not alone with this problem. I found out and we all pitch in for a gift card. I can't wait for him to see what his childhood friends got him
    Reese Davis
    I got one gift card as a present from my family and my worry was how difficult it was going to be to book a hotel, glad that it wasn't difficult at all and the customer support was very helpful. Overall, it was a fantastic experience I'd recommend to anyone. Thank you!
    Pim Chu

    Need more help ?

    We are always available to help you create the perfect gift! If you need help with anything, from website problems to simple suggestions on where to enjoy your vacations, contact us by clicking on the lower right icon on the website or contact us.