A Birthday Milestone to Remember

Every year we celebrate the milestones of ageing, birthdays come and go in a blur of candles and cake, and over time the presents we receive all start to look the same. Books that are left unread, wine guzzled in a day or two, flowers that wither and fade. Gifts that leave people feeling pleasant, yet often without the drive for excitement. 

Every year, we groan at the thought of finding unique and memorable birthday gifts for our friends, family, lovers and work colleagues and it never gets any easier…


Imagine, spending your money on something that would truly make a difference to someone’s world. Imagine, giving the gift that delivered excitement, adventure, rare opportunity, and the experience to sample something new. With hotel gift vouchers, you can give all this and more.

Because Birthdays Are About Time

Birthdays can be reflective occasions, people will normally ruminate on the last year – wondering if they have done enough and if they are where they want to be, it can be a time of complex emotion. By giving a hotel gift voucher as a birthday treat, you are already starting them on the right track for doing more in the coming year. Giving them a gift that is all about time well spent, is the most valuable thing you can do for someone you care fore.

Because Birthdays Are About Bucket Lists

Hiking Kilimanjaro, skydiving in Dubai, or surfing in the sunshine state of Florida – birthdays should be all about celebrating bucket lists.  A hotel gift voucher gives someone that extra nudge to go out and seize the world and accomplish their wildest dreams. For many people the hardest part of travel is taking that first step. By giving someone a hotel gift voucher as a birthday present you have made the second step so much easier.

Because Birthdays Are About Special Moments

Its those small moments that make birthdays magical; the second someone realizes they can book a hotel in Barcelona, the way their face lights up when they see they are able to take a spa weekend in the English Countryside, or the flush of joy that passes when they understand they can jet off to the jungles of Panama. Wherever they decide to go, wherever their hotel gift voucher takes them, you can be sure that the brightest birthdays come with the possibility for perfect travel. 

Because Simply Obtained Surprises are the Best

Giving someone a hotel gift card is without a doubt, the best kind of surprise, and even better – they are fully flexible. Hotel gift cards are simply purchased online (that’s right, no need to hit the store) and available in euros, dollars and pounds. Buy your voucher, pick your template and add your message. Hotel gift vouchers can be used at a hundred thousand hotels across the far flung globe, and with no time limit attached – your special birthday someone can savor the moment of their choosing.

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