The 5 best company Christmas gifts


The 5 best company Christmas gifts

Tips and tricks for selecting company Christmas gifts.

As a business owner, you know that your employees’ hard work and dedication are extremely important to your business and your bottom line. With the Christmas season approaching, there’s no better way for business owners to show appreciation for their employees than with a thoughtful gift. In fact, studies show that showing gratitude to your employees can not only make them more productive, but help make them more loyal to your company.

Below I’ll tell you more about how to select the perfect Company christmas gift for your team to show them just how important they are to you and your business.

The xmas party

You will probably be throwing a xmas party or xmas dinner. Anticipation builds up towards the xmas party date, it creates a buzz around the office and people will start to smile.
It’s a great time to mingle. The team gets to know each other better, in a setting that is relaxed and open. It creates bonds in the team that can last a long time. Everyone will feel part of something bigger and worthwhile. The team celebrates a year of hard work. It’s a great way to boost morale and to go for another year of dedicated work.

And then the question emerges: …. and what will be the company’s christmas gift be this year?

The stress of selecting an employee Christmas gift

Selecting a great employee Christmas gift can be a stressful experience for any business owner. As the owner of, I have been there many times, so I can certainly sympathize!

Out of time?

Since Christmas is normally the busiest time of the year for companies, it can be extremely hard to find a quiet moment to decide on a thoughtful and creative gift that your employees will truly appreciate. On top of this, you’ll have to find time to purchase the gift, wrap it, write a personal note to each employee, and distribute the gifts. Needless to say, the process involves a substantial amount of work, which can cause a lot of extra stress during the hectic end-of-year period.

Busy shops during the Christmas season
Shopping during Christmas is a stressful event


In addition to the time commitment of finding the right gift, today’s workforce is extremely diverse, and this is important to consider before you choose a one-size-fits-all gift. Whether you have 10 employees or 1000, it’s likely that you have a group of employees with different ages, religions, family compositions and gender, which means they may not all be satisfied by the same gift. Determining the right gift for a diverse group can be so overwhelming that it can feel impossible.

One christmas gift to rule them all - what is a company Christmas gift everyone appreciates?
One christmas gift to rule them all – what is a company Christmas gift everyone appreciates?

Fear of disappointment

Even the shopping experience can be stressful. You want to find the perfect gift to show your employees how much you value them, but you may be racked with fear and doubt that the gift will not be appreciated. Even worse, if you give your gifts and after the holidays notice that your employees aren’t using them, you may feel disappointed and like you’ve let them down.

In order to prevent employees from being disappointed, many employers offer a variety of different gift alternatives employees can choose from, but this can lead to endless discussions since each employee will have different preferences. It can also create extra work for you if employees make special requests like asking for a different gift or asking for specific preferences or features.


Gift giving can become even more complicated when you decide to spend different dollar amounts on different employees. If some employees receive more valuable bonuses than others, it can lead to conflicts among your team members and to certain employees feeling left out or underappreciated, which is exactly the opposite of what you wanted to achieve.

Assuming that your employees will discover any value discrepancies, you’ll need to find a simple and transparent system for explaining drove your decision. For example, it can be a good idea to give part-time employees, freelancers or interns a different Christmas gift than the full-time employees, which will be simple to explain. But if you decide to give your IT department a higher-priced gift than your sales department, you may have difficulties explaining your decision. This can lead to conflict between team members and aggression toward you as the team leader.


Do you run a multinational company? You will experience the challenge of choosing a Christmas gift that can be given and used by all employees in all countries where your company exists. This may cause a number of additional problems related to distribution of the gift. For one, you’ll need to select a good gift well in advance of Christmas, as you may need to purchase, gift-wrap and ship gifts to various countries. In addition, some countries may impose import taxes and cause you to spend even more.


Different companies also have different tax requirements when it comes to gifts. In some countries, a Christmas present will be considered part of the employee’s salary, which means it will be subject to tax. In addition, some countries tax gift cards as income. For example, the UK puts a tax-free limit of GBP 50 on employee gifts. To complicate this situation even further, the Christmas gift will be valued at market value for tax purposes, rather than purchase value, which can make it difficult for your employees to correctly do their taxes.Preview Changes (opens in a new window)

Company Christmas gifts are only tax-free up to a certain amount
Company Christmas gifts are only tax-free up to a certain amount

A final consideration for employee Christmas gifts is that gift giving is an important task and it should be taken seriously. Many companies ask their human resources department to select and purchase Christmas gifts. Small business owners often enlist their secretary, partner or spouse to buy gifts. It’s important to remember that as your employees’ supervisor, you know them better than anyone, so even if someone else helps you with the shopping, it’s a good idea to come up with personalized ideas on your own.

The 5 best Company Christmas gifts

To make things easier for you this holiday season, we’ve created a list of the ten best gifts you can give your employees for Christmas. Read on to find the perfect one for your employees!

1. The best company Christmas gift – our travel gift card

At the top of our list of the best gifts for your employees is the gift card. While this may seem like shameless promotion, it’s for a good reason. We specifically created the e-commerce gift card platform because it is an excellent personalized gift that will bring a lot of joy to nearly any employee’s life. When you’re selecting company Christmas gifts, travel gift cards are a natural choice. With our gift card, the recipient can easily book a stay at any of our 120’000 hotels across the globe. Even better, our list of available hotels and travel services is always increasing.

Here are some of the top advantages of giving our travel gift card to your employees:

Gift cards are the most preferred gift

Research has shown that gift cards are the preferred gift over other gifts. In fact, 55% (and in some age groups even 61%) of recipients say they prefer gift cards to physical objects, according to some surveys. While some people worry that a gift card will be considered a “lazy” gift, they are far more appreciated and useful than tangible objects. The only major decision you have to make is the amount of money you want to give!

Gift cards can provide incredible personal experiences.

Giving a gift card may feel like the same thing as giving cash. Business owners worry that a gift card isn’t personalized enough to be meaningful. However, cash gifts are often wasted because they are spent immediately on frivolous or unnecessary items. With a gift card, you are giving your employee a Christmas gift of a meaningful experience. Even better, our gift cards can be used at over 120’000 hotels in countries all across the world, so your employees can choose to go anywhere they desire.

Gift cards get used

Gift cards have a reputation for not being used, which is how many gift card companies make money. But research has shown that 85% of gift cards are used within the first two months after an employee receives them. Gifts of physical objects, however, are often not used at all because the recipient simply isn’t interested in the gift. This can lead to the employee feeling guilty or, as we mentioned above, unappreciated.

Personalised to your business

As an employer, you can easily customise our digital gift card. You can upload the company logo or choose one of our Christmas-themed images.  You can add a personal thank-you message. Your employees will appreciate the personal touch that you can add to the gift card.

Buy it at the last moment

If you need to, you can buy the gift card on Christmas day itself and you can buy one, 10 or 100 in just a few minutes. Delivering your gift card to your employees is also incredibly convenient. You can send the Travel gift card via email or WhatsApp. It’s available in all popular currencies.

The best experience

Travel gift cards have a number of specific advantages over other gift cards. For one, travel represents freedom, time away with a loved one, and experiences that last a lifetime. The emotional value of a travel gift card makes it the perfect personal employee gift. Many employees truly enjoy travelling. Employees will appreciate a travel gift card, no matter how diverse your team.

2. Other gift cards

The amazon gift card - also available digitally
The amazon gift card – also available digitally

There are of course many other gift cards available for nearly anywhere you can imagine. Some of the best gift cards that are suitable as Christmas gift are:
● The Amazon gift card is available as a digital or physical gift card. You can also choose from a variety of personalized gift wrap options to suit each employee’s personality or interests. The gift card is available for purchase in any Amazon country shop. Of course, in your particular country there may be other leading online retailers that provide gift cards.
● The OpenTable gift card. OpenTable is an international restaurant platform that allows you to pre-book a restaurant reservation in most cities across the world. Just like giving a travel gift card, a dining gift card represents time with a loved one and an enjoyable, memorable experience.

3. Consumable company Christmas gifts

Christmas hampers

The famous (or notorious?) Christmas hamper is also a popular choice when you need company Christmas gifts that will be welcomed by your whole team. Christmas hampers are usually gift boxes, gift crates or gift baskets filled with chocolate, bread, wines, patés, and other consumables. There are many places where you can order corporate Christmas hampers. Just Google to find your nearest supplier for the fastest delivery.

One thing to remember if you’re ordering Christmas hampers is that they’re not a good idea for last-minute gifts. You’ll need to order in advance to make sure your Christmas hamper arrives on time. In addition, if you have young employees, they may not be thrilled about a Christmas hamper. Also keep in mind that the quality of the food can be unpredictable, so you should ideally get a sense of the company’s reputation or try the hamper yourself before buying it to make sure it will be a hit with employees.

Although we didn’t try them, these hampers look lovely.

Hampers / gift baskets - great company Christmas gifts, but order them on time
Hampers / gift baskets – great company Christmas gifts, but order them on time

Wines and spirits

Wine is also a go-to physical Christmas gift for many companies, and for good reason. One good thing about wine is that it’s available in a variety of price categories. Employers can purchase wine everywhere. The shops can easily gift-wrap the wines for the company. Wines are great for handing out during company Christmas dinner parties. Employers can give champagne or other sparkling wines instead of regular wines.

Wines - the go-to consumable corporate Christmas gift. Beware people that don't drink alcohol, and they may take a bit of time to order and package
Wines – the go-to consumable corporate Christmas gift. Beware people that don’t drink alcohol, and they may take a bit of time to order and package

One thing to remember if you’re giving alcohol as a gift is that not everyone drinks. Before you give a company Christmas gift like this, take into consideration any religious or health reasons that may cause your employees to stay clear of alcohol. In addition, a recent study has shown that alcohol may be bad for your health, busting the myth that ‘a glass a day keeps the doctor away’. Employers should make sure all team members appreciate wines and spirits.


A splendid food idea for company Christmas gifts that goes above and beyond the snacks in a hamper is a gift of fine food. A good friend of mine runs a company that specializes in providing a beautiful piece of meat with a recipe. I like the idea of this gift very much because it truly is a gift that is perfect for the Christmas holiday. It also works well because rather than taking the time to buy meat from a local butcher or going to the Makro, you can buy it online.

As an alternative to meat, you could also choose smoked fish, cheese, foie gras or deluxe coffee/tea sampler boxes. Again, giving any kind of edible gift requires careful logistics and planning, so it’s not a good idea at the last minute. If you’re planning to give a gift of food, you should also remember that you don’t want to upset any vegetarians, vegans or pescatarians. Make sure you have an alternative to any gift that includes animal protein!

Finally, if you don’t have enough time to purchase a physical consumable gift, it can be a great idea to buy a gift card for a consumable product. Winedirect has both a digital and a physical gift card.

4. Electronic gadgets

Electronic gadgets are outstanding company christmas gifts, especially if your company is an e-commerce or data center, is part of the tech industry, or if you have a large base of tech-savvy employees.

In the last decade, many gadgets have become increasingly popular Christmas gifts. Most notably, the iPad in the late ’00s and the Wii/Playstation/xBox game consoles have been at the top of many gift lists. Drones and RC controlled cars can also be excellent employee Christmas gifts.

Employers can give drones or other RC devices as a Christmas gift

Another creative tech idea is to give headsets for Christmas. Employees highly appreciate headsets. Many employees who work behind a computer use headsets to cancel out noise from their office space. It allows employees to focus. Employees will appreciate your commitment to create a good working environment. Employees use headsets on a daily basis on their public transportation commute.

In order to get electronic gadgets in time for the holidays, you’ll of course need to carefully plan. For example, if you’re considering giving your employees a major game console that launches shortly before Christmas, demand may be too high and there may not be enough supply to give them as gifts.

The xbox one was a great company Christmas gift in 2015
New game consoles from Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony have always been popular corporate gadgets for Christmas. They may be a bit hard to get last-minute, especially during the holiday season.

The downside of gadgets as company Christmas gifts

Like many of the company Christmas gifts on our list, there are also some downsides to giving electronic gadgets. Here are a few:

● Some employees will already own the gadget. (For example, most people have a tablet.)
● Some employees are just not into gadgets. Employees just don’t use them anymore after a little while.
● Gadgets normally cost more than the allowed tax-free amount. As an employer you will need to take care of the tax implications.

5. Physical company Christmas gifts (and other gifts)

There are still many company Christmas gifts available for Christmas:
● Books
● Bonsai trees
● A subscription to a magazine
● A company cap, hoody, t-shirt or jacket
● Household items, such as incense, glasses, candles, bottle openers and kitchen knife sets
● Donate to charity. Most employees will feel good about giving to a charity. It can also generate positive marketing for the company. Employees may be disappointed because they did not receive a ‘real’ gift.
● A discount voucher for the gym. A gym voucher sends a strong message to your employees. The company actually cares about you and wants you to be healthy.


I hope these tips and ideas have helped you come up with some ideas for company Christmas gifts for your employees. A final word of advice: when it comes to gifts, it is the thought that counts.
I wish you the best of luck picking a personalized gift your employees will love. Are you in a time squeeze? Do you need to buy a lot of company Christmas gifts for your team at the last minute? Buy gift cards. Preferably ours.

Koen Kam

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